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The Pastoral Training Course (PTC) is a training program designed for pastors, ministers, and church leaders in the Philippines, serving the Lord Jesus Christ among the grassroots who have no formal or little theological training to broaden and deepen their knowledge about the Bible, God, and spirituality; to increase their skills and ability to understand, interpret, apply and communicate the message of the scriptures; as well as to improve their leadership and personal skills both in the family and ministry. The essence of the program is to provide continuing education and training to those who want to learn more as they serve the Lord.

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With the current situation in the Philippines, training imitative like Pastoral Training Course is very crucial. According to the recent report of the Philippine Association of Bible and Theological Seminaries (PABATS) there are about 60,000 pastors and church workers deployed in about 50,000 churches and mission outreaches around the Philippines. Out of this number, 80% don’t have formal theological training.

1. It serves as Basic Bible Training. The PTC curriculum serves what is needed in the Philippines specifically those pastors and church workers who have low theological training and those who have no formal training at all. The participants take the training while they are already deployed in different churches.

2. It supplements and augments the training imitative of other Christian organizations. The training is done in the context of cooperation with pastoral fellowships, various denominations, independent churches, as well as bible schools. The PTC curriculum is also adopted as continuing education program of some denominations.